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One to One reading coaches are people of all ages…including dedicated high school students in several Northern Kentucky counties. One to One: Practicing Reading with Students has partnered with several school districts to recruit, train and engage these students as “full-fledged” volunteers. The students complete all required One to One training and meet weekly with an elementary student in their district.
These students not only support the development of critical reading skills but become a positive role model for the young students. The One to One coaching experience benefits them as well-several One to One “alumni” have decided to pursue education as a career. As Dayton Superintendent Jay Brewer says, “Our high school students who served as coaches got a lot from the experience, gaining knowledge about the importance of reading that will come into play if they become parents later in life.” In fall 2014, Dayton District developed a high school course in education which includes One to One coaching as a component.
If your school district is interested in considering a youth coach program, please contact Polly Lusk-Page, Executive Director, Northern Kentucky Education Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 859-282-9214.
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