Work Ethic Diploma - a program of the Northern KY Chamber of Commerce and primary strategy of NKYEC Action Team 5 (Business Engagement) to promote "career readiness"
  • In 2000, the concept for a regional Work Ethic Diploma was brought to the Northern Kentucky Chamber by employers that felt students were not completing high school with the soft skills needed to be "career ready".
  • With the input of area educators, business leaders, and post-secondary representatives, standards were developed to measure work ethic in students.

The Work Ethic Diploma was designed to:
Supply Northern Kentucky employers with skilled workers
Produce an emerging workforce prepared to face the challenges of a global marketplace
Be a filter for hiring and selecting candidates that have demonstrated knowledge, skills, abilities, and commitment to work
Reinforce the value of positive Work Ethic and commitment to successful employment
Recognize a common, identifiable metric of work habits
Develop and improve soft skills of Northern Kentucky students
What are the standards?
Community Service/Internship
Grade Point Average
Organization/Flexibility/Time Management

Since its inception, Work Ethic Diploma in the high schools has been a great success with well over 10,000 students receiving the special diploma from the N. Kentucky Chamber. Approximately 27 high schools implement the program each year, with an average of 1200 recipients from each senior class.

The demand for strong soft skills, such as work ethic, continues to grow upon the employer population according to several reports on the key attributes sought after in new employees.