More than 800 Northern Kentuckians jump started change in education in Northern Kentucky by attending Vision 2015’s Champions for Education Summit in November of 2007. Community members including local businesses, educators, government officials, parents, and non-profit leaders convened to advocate, promote, and support high quality education systems. This

collaboration was the first step toward the level of excellence in education that our children deserve and need to be successful in the new economy—and identification of specific regional goals and strategic plans that are now being coordinated through the Northern Kentucky Education Council and its partners.

In conjunction with the Summit, Vision 2015 launched Champions for Education to enable anyone in the community who is devoted to being actively engaged in our education system, to make a difference in the lives of hundreds of Northern Kentucky students through direct volunteer opportunities, advocacy efforts, and awareness campaigns.



What is a Champion for Education?


Success in Northern Kentucky depends not merely on our educators and legislators. Everyone…whether you have a child in school or not…plays a role in the future of our community—and that future depends on the success of these youngsters. A new level of engagement is required from all of us. NORTHERN KENTUCKY’S SCHOOLS NEED YOU!!  

A Champion is a volunteer who commits publicly to help the Northern Kentucky education system move forward. You may already be a Champion through the work you do to support education! Over 1200 Northern Kentuckians have committed so far.

How can you become a Champion for Education?
Sign up to the left on this page, contact Nancy Costello at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., use the “Contact Us” page on this website, or just get involved! There are lots of ways to be a Champion. Volunteer at your child’s school one day a week. Run for site-based council. Attend school meetings. Join an Action Team. Demand quality child care. Mentor a youth or read with a child. Show employees you value education. Get your company to partner with a local school. Talk to your state legislator about education issues. Encourage friends and family to make education a top priority.

What are the benefits of being a Champion for Education?
As a Champion, you will receive periodic updates on important education issues facing our region, as well as information on how you can be involved in a wide variety of Champion activities. It’s a great way to stay informed!