Resilient and Ready by Design

In 2010, Northern Kentucky was selected by the Ready by 21 National Partnership and Gallup as the national pilot site for the enhanced version of the Gallup Student Poll. The Northern Kentucky Education Council served as the lead agency for coordination and administration of the poll with initial support from the United Way of Greater Cincinnati and Vision 2015. The Forum for Youth Investment provided funding to support the first two years of the student poll.
The Gallup Student Poll asks young people about:
  • Hope - Their ideas and energy for the future
  • Engagement - Their involvement in and enthusiasm for school
  • Wellbeing - How they think about and experience their lives


Hope, engagement and wellbeing are indicators of success with links to:
  • Grades
  • Achievement scores
  • Retention
  • Future employment


The enhanced version of the Gallup Student Poll tracked individual student progress around a composite hope, engagement and wellbeing score called "Ready for the Future". Students who are Ready for the Future are hopeful for the future, engaged at school and thriving in life. These students are more likely to succeed academically and maintain good health over time.
The enhanced Gallup Student Poll (GSPi) was administered for four years in Northern Kentucky, and over 88,000 students were polled in 84 schools representing 13 Northern Kentucky public school districts.  The following data were findings from the final administration of the GSPi in 2014:
  • 56% qualify as hopeful: students possess numerous ideas and abundant energy for the future.
  • 57% qualify as engaged: students are highly involved with and enthusiastic about school.
  • 71% qualify as thriving: students think about present and future life in positive terms, they tend to be in good health and have strong social support.
  • 37% qualify as "Ready for the Future": students are hopeful, engaged and thriving.  


In 2015, the Northern Kentucky Education Council began discussions with Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center on developing a student poll that would measure the hope, engagement, wellbeing and resiliency of students in grades 3-12.  This new NKY Resiliency Poll would expand the scope of the poll to include younger students (in grades 3 and 4), as well as provide more timely data to the participating schools.

In the fall of 2016, the Northern Kentucky Education Council partnered with Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center to pilot the NKY Resiliency Poll.  Four Northern Kentucky school districts participated in this pilot of the new poll, which was administered to over 20,000 students in grades 3-12.